Further Online Resources About
Theravada Buddhism and Meditation

Access to Insight
Access to Insight is a good source of articles and books about Theravada Buddhism and meditation. The website is a large repository of books and pamphlets published by the Buddhist Publication Society (BPS) as well as suttas translated by the Venerable Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Many of the books we mention can be downloaded for free from Buddhanet's e-book library.

Tathagata Meditation Center
You can stream and listen to Sayadaw U Pandita and his disciples' Dhamma talks on Tathagata Meditation Center's website. These talks explore the practical and theoretical aspects of Buddhist Mindfulness and Insight meditation (Satipattana Vipassana) as well as other topics from the Theravada Buddhist canon.

In This Life Itself and Towards an Inner Peace by Sayadaw U Dhammajiva, a Sri Lankan monk who trained under Sayadaw U Pandita, are available here for download.