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The 60-Day Special Retreat will not be held for 2023-2024, however, foreigners wishing to practice meditational the Panditarama Meditation Centers in Myanmar will be accepted on an individual basis. For information, please contact

A retreat for foreign meditators will be held at the Khemanandi Meditation Center in Batu Pahat, Malaysia from July 8th through July 29th. Meditation masters trained under the guidance of Sayadaw U Pandita,  Thamanaykyaw Sayadaw from Myanmar and Sayagyi Daw Vimalanani from Nepal will lead the retreat.  Please click here for more information:


Khemanandi Meditation Center

We also recommend the following meditation centers for people wishing to practice intensive Vipassana meditation in the Mahasi tradition with teachers trained by Sayadaw U Pandita: 

Tathagata Meditation Center (San Jose, California)

Dhammaramsi (Brussels, Belgium)

International Buddhist Meditation Center (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center (Penang, Malaysia)

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