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Theravada Buddhist Meditation Centers (Outside of Myanmar) 
That Offer Vipassanā Meditation Retreats
Using the Method of Practice Taught by the Venerable Mahāsi Sayada

North America

Tathagata Meditation Center

1215 Lucretia Ave

San Jose, CA 95122

Tel: 408 294-4536

Tathagata meditation center in San Jose, California offers sixty-day retreats in April-May and September-October, as well as one-week and two-week retreats. Please check their website for retreat dates and registration information. Sayadaw U Thuzana and Sayadaw U Tejañāṇa are the resident teachers, while visiting teachers have included Sayadaw U Thitzana, Sayadaw U Nanujjotabhivaṃsa, Sayadaw U Nandasiddhi, and Sayagyi Daw Vimalañāni. (Photo above shows Tathagata Meditation Center)


Centre Dhammaramsi

22 Route de Floreffe

5170 RIVIERE, Belgium
+32(0)81/262915 (during retreats)


Dhammaramsi Center offers several two-week retreats every year. Teachers include Sayadaw U Thitzana, Sayadaw U Nanujjota, Sayadaw U Thuzana, and Sayagyi Daw Vajirañāni. Please check their website for specific dates and registration.



Saraniya Dhamma Meditation Center

420, Lower Broughton Road, Salford

Lancashire, M7 2GD, U.K.

Tel: 0161-281 6242



Saraniya Meditation Center offers ten day retreats, as well as the opportunity for one to two week self retreats.



Sakyamuni Center, France

33 Allée Émile Gemton,
89340, Saint Agnan (lieu-dit Montbéon), France

Email :
Tel: 0675622709


Ten day retreats as well as self retreats are offered here. Visiting teachers at this center include: Maha Nayaka Sayadaw U Pannthami, Thamanaykyaw Sayadaw, Sayadaw U Vivekananda, Sayadaw U Nandasiddhi, and Sayagyi Daw Vimalañāni.


Panditārāma Lumbini Meditation Center

Lumbini Garden, Lumbini

Rupandehi District, Nepal

CDMA phone: 977 71 621084

Tel: 977 71 580118



Panditārāma Lumbini offers the opportunity to practice year round. Meditators may schedule individual retreats from one week up to several months. The resident teachers are Sayadaw U Vivekananda and Sayagyi Daw Bhaddhamanika, both of whom have trained under Sayadaw U Pandita.



International Buddhist Meditation Center (IBMC)

GPO Box No. 8973, NPC 269

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-1-4784631, 4782707



The center is open year round for meditators to schedule retreats. Sayadaw U Pandita trained teachers include Sayadaw U Nyanavudha and Sayagyi Daw Vimalañāni.



Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center (MBMC)

355 Jalan Mesjid Negeri

Penang 11600, Malaysia

Tel: (604) 282 2534



MBMC offers, ten day, two week as well as one month retreats led by the current resident teacher Nayaka Sayadaw U Pannananda, as well as visiting teachers Maha Nayaka Sayadaw U Pannathami and Sayadaw U Nyanavudha.



Khemanandi Meditation Center

Batu 6 ¾ Jalan Kluang, Panchor, 83300 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. 

Contact Number: +60 13 772 4388



International retreats are offered here every year. Teachers include Thamanaykyaw Sayadaw, Sayadaw U Nyanavudha, Sayagyi Daw Vimalañāni and Sayagyi Daw Khemanandi. Please check their website for specific dates and registration.


Panditārāma Sydney Meditation Center

70 Market Street

Smithfield NSW 2164

Sydney, Australia

Tel: 61 02 9729 2343



Ten day retreats taught by Maha Nayaka Sayadaw U Pannathami are available. Space is limited. 

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